Interdepartmental Biological Sciences Graduate Program

 BioProfessionals Program


  • BioSurvivals Skills Workshop Series consists of five interactive workshops, each lasting two to four hours. Topics include presentation skills, writing and publishing scientific articles, regulatory biology, grant and CV writing, and job hunting. The workshops take place quarterly, on both campuses.

  • Pathway to the Professoriate This program specifically focuses on academic career paths, especially the professoriate.  Presentations touch upon issues important for successful academic careers including lab management, startup package negotiations, issues for women and minorities, grants, and the tenure-track process. These conversations take place monthly over lunch.

  • BioOpportunities Career Seminars is a quarterly seminar series that regularly invites alumni and other professionals to talk about the diversity of careers available to the PhD student.  BioOpportunities has also developed a database of alumni and former speakers to serve as a career resource as well as to facilitate essential networking contacts.

  • Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) The PFF program is built around three core experiences designed to turn successful students into successful faculty members. First, students are paired with a distinguished faculty member from the Chicago area to experience firsthand the demands of the academic workplace. Second, students participate in a course designed by the Searle Center for Teaching Excellence to prepare candidates for the job market. Third, students attend a professional development conference called NU Directions held at Northwestern University where PFF Alumni and Chicago-area faculty share their insights about the job market and workplace.

  • IBiS/PBS/Searle Teaching Certificate Program - IBiS will again support teaching development opportunities for advanced graduate students in collaboration with the Searle Center for Advancing Learning & Teaching and the Program in Biological Sciences (PBS) by opening course sections for students to co-teach, such as a biology-related Freshman Seminar or BIOL SCI 164 Genetics and Evolution. Since the IBiS Program is only able to guarantee a few teaching spots each year, students will need to apply to IBiS for these opportunities. Students are required to obtain consent from their laboratory PI prior to applying for this program. The deadline to apply is May 3, 2013.  For additional information please see the announcement and application forms: