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Richard and Barbara Silverman Hall for Molecular Therapeutics & Diagnostics



Richard and Barbara Silverman Hall for Therapeutics & Diagnostics



Silverman Hall bridge that connects the east and west towers

View of Silverman Hall East from the courtyard


Laboratory space

Silverman Hall is the home to 16 state-of-the-art research laboratories.  Graduate student offices line the outside wall of each lab.


Shared lab space within Silverman Hall is designed to enhance interactions and collaborations among colleagues.


Shared lab space encourages interactions and sharing of equipment, methods, and ideas.


Interior of Silverman Hall

There are a variety of meeting rooms and gathering places, including two two-story interaction spaces, to encourage both spontaneous and planned interactions among research groups and across disciplines.


The Lyrica molecule invented by Dr. Richard Silverman is etched into the Terrazzo floor at the entrance of Silverman Hall.  The custom designed floor includes symbols of biology, chemistry and engineering.


1st floor conference room with revolving walls.jpg


Occupants relax in the large interaction spaces.


The use of glass for walls and doors provides natural light throughout, and encourages curiosity and interplay through line-of-sight


The grouping of faculty offices on bridge creates community and encourages students and faculty to walk around the building to get to one another

 Photos courtesy of Ballogg Photography