Grants Management

Pre-award: Submission of Grant Applications


Just in Time Components

Post-award Grants Management

Notice of Award

Creation of New Sponsored Research Chartstring(s)

Account Reconciliation and Projections

No-Cost Extensions (NCE)


Management of Center/Core Operating and Gift Accounts

Annual Report to VPR


Contact: s-judge [at] northwestern [dot] edu (Sheila Judge) 

All grant and contract applications must be submitted through the CLP business office whether they directed towards federal agencies, foundations, corporations, or internal competitions.  Sheila will notify our GCO (Mary Lynne Williams) of the pending submission and will create and route the eProposal.

Preliminary information regarding potential submissions should be provided at least 4 weeks prior to the grant deadline; more for U54, P01, P50, and other program grants.

Draft budget and grant components must be submitted at least 1 week prior to deadline. Failure to do so could mean missing the grant deadline.

All grant submissions must be finalized and ready for submission to the Office for Sponsored Research 24 hours before the agency deadline. OSR will not guarantee on-time submission for grants submitted less than 24 hours in advance.

As soon as you start thinking about submitting a grant or contract application, please send the following information to Sheila:

  • Program Announcement Number and copy of PAR if available
  • Name of PI and Co-I’s along with contact information
  • Title of your application
  • Draft budget and justification
  • Biosketches and Current & Pending Support (if needed)
  • Information regarding potential subcontracts and points of contact for the subcontracting institution
  • Letters of Intent: If a Letter of Intent is required a draft copy should be sent to Sheila before submission and she must be copied on final submission.
  • Request for Cost Share: Cost share requests need to be formulated early in the application development process. Please let Sheila know if you want to request a cost share and she will help you develop the cost share request and manage the process on your behalf. 
  • Please copy Sheila on any correspondence with the Program Officer.

Sheila will develop the following items for the application submission:

  • A checklist and timeline for submission of application components
  • PHS398 and/or SF424 form pages
  • Final copy of the budget and justification
  • Additional Resources & Facility boilerplate
  • Final version of Biosketch and Current & Pending Support (if needed)
  • Unique information for specialized grants (Instrument acquisition and development grants, program project grants, etc.)


All subcontract material must be submitted through the NU Office for Sponsored Research (OSR). Please allow a minimum of one week to turn-around subcontracts.

The following items need to be emailed to Sheila to submit to OSR and to prepare the accompanying OSR-1 and OSR-100 forms:

  1. Name and departmental/institutional affiliation of the PI
  2. Name and contact info for administrator who is submitting the grant
  3. Title of the grant application
  4. RFA for the grant and name of granting agency
  5. Completed detail and summary budgets (see attached blank forms)
  6. Scope of work
  7. Letter of support
  8. Application due date

Once she has all of these items in hand she will review the budget and make any needed corrections/revisions, prepare the NIH face page, and create a PDF of all of the materials and attach it to an e-Proposal which will be circulated electronically for signatures.

Once your signed eProposal has been sent to the Office for Sponsored Research then the Grants & Contract Officer assigned to CLP, Mary Lynne Williams, will review all of the submitted materials for compliance with federal and NU regulations and then send it to Sue Ross, the Director of Evanston OSR for signature. They will then email the completed package to the contact person at primary institution.

Biosketches, Resources, Vertebrate Animals and other components integral to the grant application will be sent directly as Word documents by Sheila to the grants coordinator at the primary institution.

Just in Time Components

Please contact Sheila if the funding agency has issued a call for Just in Time (JIT) material. She will work with you to prepare updated and compliant Current and Pending Support and will ensure that you have submitted all other required information (IACUC approvals, IRB approvals).


Contact: m-suran [at] northwestern [dot] edu (Michelle Suran) and jkhirsh [at] northwestern [dot] edu (Jody Hirsh)

Notice of Award
Creation of New Sponsored Research Chartstring(s)

Copies of NoAs should be forwarded to Jody, Michelle and Sheila as soon as they are received. The submitted or revised budget for the grant application will be used by Michelle to complete an OSR-3 which she will submit to OSR with a request for the new project chartstring.

Michelle will encumber staff salaries for the entire budget period on the project chartstring on the project start date, if possible. She will work with the academic departments to encumber faculty salaries and process direct charges for academic and summer salary in a timely manner.

Account Reconciliations and Projections

Michelle will provide the PI with a monthly reconciliation statement and projections for the current fiscal year.

Rebudgeting requests should be directed to Jody who will prepare and submit OSR-2 forms.

No-Cost Extensions (NCE)

Jody will work with the PI to request NCE’s, if needed.


Michelle will work with the PI and ASRSP to close the awards as planned.


Contact: m-suran [at] northwestern [dot] edu (Michelle Suran)

Overview: s-judge [at] northwestern [dot] edu (Sheila Judge)

Center/Core Directors and administrators are responsible for ensuring that operating and gift accounts do not fall into deficit.

CLP will provide monthly reconciled account statements and will work with Center/Core administrators to update current FY projections on a monthly basis.

CLP will not authorize expenditures on chartstrings that are running deficits. We will work in advance with Center staff to avoid the potential for this situation

Note that NU policies regarding travel, meals, entertainment and gifts are applicable to 171 (designated) and 320 (gift) chartstrings

Sheila is available to provide assistance in formulating short- and long-term budget strategy.

Annual Report to VPR

Center administrators are expected to draft their annual budget for inclusion in their annual report. Michelle will fill out Annual Report budget forms showing current fiscal year (FY) budget and expenditures and will use the draft supplied by Center/Core administrators to complete the budget request form for the upcoming fiscal year.

All CLP-Affiliated Centers and Cores are strongly encouraged to send draft copies of their Annual Reports to Sheila Judge so that she can determine the impact of proposed activities upon CLP Administrative Services and Facilities and verify space commitments.

Copies of Equipment Inventories developed for the Annual Report should be sent to Michelle.